Eo Gio Landscape (Nhon Ly) – The most beautiful sunset view in Vietnam


Eo Gio belongs to area 3, Ly Luong village, Nhon Ly island commune, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh Province, an arc shape, blue strait surrounded by high rocky mountains. It is a long time ago, from the love of the beauty of the photographers and visitors, Eo Gio has been “awarded” with the title of the most beautiful sunset place in Vietnam.

Eo Gió Quy Nhơn

Eo Gio from above

The name “Eo Gio” has been placed long ago by its people from its geographic location. From far away Eo Gio is like a saddle, located between two high mountains near the sea, on the other hand, if standing up from above look like a funnel, so Eo Gio always welcome the strong wind from the sea. In the winner, the sea brings heavy rains and winds, the cold from the sea with rising waves that will erode the rock here, over time has created slits across the hills and formed the cliffs. These natural elements have given Eo Gio a wild and wonderful beauty.

con đường eo gió quy nhơn

Eo Gio is very beautiful

From the top of Eo Gio, visitors can zoom out, the whole view of Nhon Ly island commune as it lies at their feets. The scene of fishermen fishing; scenes of fishermen scrambling to buy seafood when the boats ashore; Phuoc Sa pagoda the pagoda has beautiful spiritual architecture and Quan Am statue on the top of the mountain to the sea as watching, blessing for the fishermen in the area; Ngoc Hoa Pure Land with the largest statue of Buddha Quan Am in Viet Nam… All harmonized in the immense sea and sky, creating a scenic beauty of Eo Gio as a “fairy land”.

check in eo gió

Visitors and Eo Gio

Except for the heavy sea season, visitors can visit Eo Gio from March to the end of the September in lunar month. This is a quite time of the sea, windy, calm water, very suitable for excursions, coral reefs, conquering Mount Eo Gio and Phuong Mai sand hill…

Tour eo gió 1 ngày

Quy Nhon Tourist and Eo Gio where is famous in Quy Nhon Binh Dinh

Visit Eo Gio, tourists can hear the wind blowing into the cliffs, through the caves and harmonize with the waves to the shore; to see the magnificent rock formations that are trying to wrap their arms around the ocean; the swallows spread their wings in the air that look incredibly beautiful.

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