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Founded and operated by young, dynamic people who are constantly exploring new tourist trends and constantly improving the quality of their services to provide customers with a pleasurable and enjoyable experience on each trip. go. “Tien Phong” is the guideline for all activities of PYS Travel. That is why PYS Travel chose the sad wing logo to symbolize his personality. We are constantly exploring new tourist destinations; as well as building unique value-added services.

Organized over 2000 tours

Link more than 200 hotels

There are over 200 waterways

Associate more than 36 countries

There are more than 500 flights

There are over 200 vehicles


PYS Travel is always striving to be the leading travel company of Vietnam

In the typical models of corporate culture, we choose and will follow the model of Family Culture – Valuable Ethics. We focus on people; personnel in the company. Individuals, each human being develops, the collective will develop. Every person has a place, there is a certain ability and power no one more than anyone. The difficulty of the manager; In particular, the management of PYS Travel needs to arrange for those in the most appropriate position.

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0256.6 53 59 59 (Công ty)
0979 53 59 59 (Hotline)